CryptoLogic – A Quick Look at the Casino Game Giant

By | February 4, 2021

CryptoLogic has now been a major competitor in the casino software market for more than 15 years. That means that some of the very first online casinos were powered by a CryptoLogic platform. While many of the original software companies have since fallen behind the times and technology, CryptoLogic continues to lead in its field with innovative new features and some of the best and most impressive licensing agreements in the industry.

The History of CryptoLogic

CryptoLogic was originally created by two brothers working from their parents’ basement. The Rivkin brothers only designed their first casino software as a compliment to an online payment system they had also designed. In 1996, InterCasino officially became the first online casino operating on a CryptoLogic platform. Many game historians claim that InterCasino was the first real-money online casino, thanks largely to its CryptoLogic software and payment applications. While the payment system is now long gone, the software has become a staple in the online gaming industry.

You can experience CryptoLogic software firsthand at some of your favorite online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms and – most recently – bingo sites. The software has long lent itself to the wild success of Europe’s most popular sportsbook, William Hill. InterCasino also remains a big draw for online players thanks to the fresh look and fast gameplay its longtime partnership with CryptoLogic has created. And the internationally renowned World Poker Tour brand now conducts its online operations on a CryptoLogic platform.

Award Winning Games

Though CryptoLogic software scores high across the board for speed, quality of graphics and in-play features and options, the company’s biggest claim to fame is its award-winning game titles. Whereas many other software brands offer a long list of generic game titles, CryptoLogic has secured a number of licensing agreements that allow the company to create games centered around more recognizable characters and brands.

The Future of CryptoLogic

In the last couple years CryptoLogic has expanded its fanbase and driven significant traffic to its licensees via its extremely popular line of superhero slots. In previous years these slots featured the most recognizable Marvel Comics characters – from Spider-Man to the X-Men to the Fantastic Four. In the fall of 2009, the company announced a new agreement that will give it access to the significant staple of characters represented by DC Entertainment (Marvel’s biggest competitor). Industry insiders believe this move will allow CryptoLogic to continue its famous game branding should Disney – who purchased the comic giant late last year – pull the plug on their Marvel slots licensing agreement when it expires in 2013.